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Seeking to advance effective policies and system improvements for very young children locally, nationally and internationally


Dr. Hill uses her background in developmental psychology, speech-language pathology and infant and early childhood mental health to improve the lives of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families through training, facilitation, collaborative leadership and consultation.

She provides consultation and collaborative leadership support to further the capacity of agencies and systems to optimally meet the needs of very young children and their families, particularly those at highest risk due to exposure to trauma, toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Additionally, Dr. Hill is a strong public speaker and trainer experienced with a diverse set of learners ranging from parents and front-line providers to doctors and judges. She is a highly respected presenter locally, nationally and internationally on supporting healthy brain development and meeting the social-emotional and mental health needs of very young children, with specific expertise on those with delays or disabilities or involved with the courts.


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